Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: This is the third Sunday in which we are reading through the Gospel of Mark. Last Sunday, Jesus’ disciples picked grain on the Sabbath and he cured a man’s hand on the Sabbath. In the text of the gospel that we skip over to get to this week’s reading, a large crowd gathers around Jesus because of his miraculous healings, and he appoints the twelve apostles. This week, Jesus’ teaching continues with a series of sayings.

These sayings might seem to be randomly thrown together at first, without much uniting them. But if you look carefully, you might see a pattern. The reading begins mid-sentence; if you started from Mark 3:19b, you would read, “Then [Jesus] went home [literally ‘to a house’]; and the crowd came together again…” The theme of house, home, and family run throughout this reading.

  • What is Jesus’ true home, and who are his true family?
  • When has the Church been your family, your “brother and sister and mother” (v. 35)? Is there a time when it has supported you and your family, or when it has supported you in a time of conflict in your family                                                                                                 (From Sermon that Works) 

Rector’s Corner: “STYLES AND TITLES” (The information below is from the Diocesan Communications Office)

We now have an archbishop in our diocese and questions about styles and titles have arrived. In the Anglican Communion archbishops employ the written style ‘The Most Reverend’ and are addressed as ‘Archbishop’ or ‘Your Grace.’ These styles and titles are used for both the Primate and Metropolitan Archbishops.

By convention, the names of bishops and archbishops always follow the title of their office: The Archbishop of New Westminster, the Most Reverend Melissa Skelton (use Christian and surname). Thereafter, Archbishop Skelton or the Archbishop.  Anglican archbishops are entitled to be preceded by a server carrying an archiepiscopal processional cross (with two bars instead of one) in liturgical processions. Retired archbishops ordinarily would revert to being styled “The Right Reverend”, although they may be appointed archbishop emeritus by their Province on retirement, in which case they retain the title archbishop and the style The Most Reverend, as a courtesy.

Practically: In the Prayers of the People: We pray for Melissa, our Archbishop and Metropolitan.

In formal speech: Archbishop Skelton, Your Grace.

In informal speech: Archbishop Melissa.

Written: The Most Reverend Melissa Skelton, Dear Archbishop Skelton,

Hope this would assist us in addressing our Archbishop.

The Venerable Louie Engnan


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