Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

‘Not one, but 50!’  (part 2)


ReflectionOur joy in the Resurrection is also grounded in numerous accounts of the Lord’s appearing to his followers. Each one is marked by a greeting, a deep communion of hearts, and then a commission.
Mary Magdalene hears him call her by name. As her mourning is turned into joy, the Lord commissions her as Apostle to the Apostles.
Jesus shows the disciples his hands and side, and they are glad. As he speaks a word of peace, he also says, “As the Father sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21)
Thomas is invited to touch the wounds of Jesus and to believe and doubt no more. In an instant, he leaves the gloomy haunts of sadness and knows himself to be among the others who would bear witness to the Resurrection.
Peter is given opportunity to undo his denial of Jesus in a three-fold confession of love and with that confession, he is commissioned by the Risen Lord to shepherd the Church.
A couple of disciples heading for Emmaus are unknowingly accompanied by Jesus. He opens the Scriptures and teaches them all the things concerning the Messiah. Then he breaks bread at the inn, and their hearts burn within them as they go back to Jerusalem to tell the others.

Rector’s Corner: Immediately after the 10am Worship Service, I will offer prayers to anyone who has special intentions and thanksgiving. Please join me up on the chancel of our church.

I had the opportunity to visit our sister, Darlene Cassell, post surgery at home. She can now move around her house with the aid of a walker. She appreciates our thoughts and prayers. Please continue to include Darlene in your prayers.


»Today, Parish Council meets in the Peart Lounge at noon. Parishioners are welcome to the meeting.

»Diocesan Confirmation Day,

April 21, 2018Christ Church Cathedral.


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