Sunday Reflection

Sunday Reflection-Mark 9:2-9. On this particular day, there they stood on the mountaintop with Jesus, he was simply flooded with dazzling, mesmerizing light.  And for a fleeting moment, for the apostles Peter and James and John, this moment salvaged the best of the past and it gave hope for the rest in the future to come.  And they did not want that particular moment to end.  Whatever was happening to them and to Jesus at that moment, they did not want it to end. They wanted to save it, to conserve it.  We call it Jesus’ Transfiguration.

It was an incredible experience for these three apostles. They understood. Everything fit.  Everything was going to be okay. The next time they would experience that kind of light would be on Easter, the Day of Resurrection.  But we know that that transfiguring light finally soaked into Peter and James and John (and the other apostles), and they were able to get on with their lives with real meaning and with real power.  How?  Here’s the good news they discovered… and here’s the good news for you and for me about this transfiguration.  Two things come to mind.

First, they were able to hear that Jesus would be with them always. We do not worship a God whose presence is limited to a particular experience, nor to a particular place. We worship God, in all times and in all places.  God is with us, with you. That’s one thing that soaked into the apostles. They didn’t have to go back to a mountain top to be with Jesus.  They would be grounded in the light and life and love of Jesus, who was going to stay really present to them.

The second thing that soaked into the apostles was that if Jesus was going to stay with them, it was going to have to be in a new way… because he was still going to leave them. The apostles had seen the crying needs around them, and had seen the power of Jesus to transform their world, the power of Jesus working through them.

We have been given the light and life and love of Jesus to transform the dark world that surrounds us: by our touch, by our words, by our real presence, we have been given power by Jesus to transform the world in which we live, in the very ways that Jesus spoke and worked. Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE)

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