Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: (Mark 1:21-28) Jesus begins his ministry in Capernaum.  While teaching at a synagogue on the Sabbath, he expels an unclean spirit from a demoniac.  Through the voice of the unclean spirit, Mark shares with his audience the divine nature of Jesus.  Still, Jesus is not ready for others to know his identity.  Healing on the Sabbath does not rile this audience; rather, they are receptive to his teachings.  By casting this scene in a synagogue on the Sabbath, Mark connects his audience with the familiar places and rituals of Judaism and then unveils the in-breaking action of God through Jesus’ teaching and healing.

Jesus chose to let his actions tell the story of his identity.  How can our parish model the choice of Jesus? How will we know if our neighbours know us to be Christians? (Sermon that Works)

Rector’s Corner: During this Season of Lent our entire Diocesan Anglican Family has been invited by our Bishop Melissa Skelton to engage in a Lenten series entitled “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John”. This beautiful Lenten Prayer Journal is a six-week program produced by the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE). We expect that each participant will be led into a deeper intimacy with God by praying with the words of John the Evangelist, and journaling in the included prayer journal. We hope you will join us for this transformative offering. Please obtain a copy of this book, now available at the back of the church.

The Annual Vestry Meeting (or A.G.M.) will be on Sunday, Feb. 25th, beginning with a Joint Worship Service at 9:30am. We aim to have the A.G.M. from 11am to 12:30pm. This will be followed by a fellowship lunch to be provided by the parish. All the activities for this day will be in the Sanctuary and at the coffee/fellowship room in the church building. We invite all parishioners to come and be part of the ministry of St. Michael’s.
You will be receiving via email a complete package for the vestry meeting soon. If you do not have access to a printer, please let the office secretary know.
If you wish to include an agenda item(s) during the vestry meeting, we would be pleased to assist you in getting it to the church committee secretary.  Also, we are seeking members of our parish to step-up to the leadership role in our congregation. If you think God is calling you to this ministry, please let your rector know.

The members of our parish council will undergo a Mutual Ministry Review (M.M.R.) on Sunday, Feb. 18th, in the Peart Lounge. The purpose of an M.M.R. is to assess the work of the leadership team in the past year or two. It would also identify at least a couple of priorities for the coming program year. This conversation would also strengthen the relationship of the team. This will be facilitated by a Diocesan Consultant.  All members of the parish are invited to come and participate in this review.
Many thanks to the members of St. Michael’s A.C.W. for the gift and thoughtfulness given to my family on my new role as Archdeacon of Fraser.

And, to all of parishioners for your countless generosity and kindness, may God continue to bless your heart, keep you heathy, and strong in the days ahead of our work together here at St. Michael’s. Thank you so much!


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