Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection:

Early in the fourth century the emperor Constantine took the Christian Church under his protection, and to show his imperial benevolence he ordered a grand church to be built in Jerusalem. The site he chose was Gol’gotha, the hill where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and buried. It had once stood outside the city walls, but before the time of Constantine the hill had been leveled and buried under tons of debris. The entire area had to be excavated for Constantine’s new church, and the emperor put his mother Helena in charge of the work. In the course of digging the labourers discovered a large beam; and the authorities soon decided that it was a remnant of the very same cross on which the Lord had been crucified. Portions of this beam were enshrined near the altar of the new church when it was dedicated in honour of the Resurrection on September fourteenth in the year 335; and ever since then, in the East and in the West, Christians have kept this date as Holy Cross Day.

Jesus was crucified at the time of year when people in the northern hemisphere prepare the earth for planting. But September is harvest, our time for reaping and sharing what the earth, under our care, has brought forth. Just so with our remembrance of the Holy Cross. On Good Friday we recalled its planting at the seedtime of the new creation; and now, on the verge of autumn, we look for Christ, the true Vine which the Cross supported, to bear the fruit of justice and mercy not only in our own lives but also in the dealings of the world.

Rector’s Corner:

Sunday School: We are re-starting our Sunday School for Children, 6 to 10 yrs. old, today.

We invite members of the parish to volunteer as a teacher for the year. This would be a part of your stewardship of time, talent and treasure. Talk to Corri, who has been coordinating this program, on how to get involved.

A curriculum will be provided to all teachers. If you are offering yourself to this program, you will be given a login access to the online curriculum.

We hope to continue growing our Sunday School program. It is one of our tools to develop our congregation.

Church Band: The Church band would also start practicing soon for the upcoming visitation of our Bishop Melissa Skelton. Shelley Novak has been coordinating this ministry for St. Michael’s. We also call on members of our parish to share your talent for the music ministry. The band usually plays on the last Sunday of each month.

For more details and information about all these activities, you can contact the office at any time.

All our church programs are free of charge. You are encouraged to spread the word to your friends and family. We are also open to your suggestions.

I would like to end with this quotation: “Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.”

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