Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments “John 14:15. It seems that Jesus has set a conditional statement prior to His Ascension to the Father. Perhaps, we, people of the resurrection, could look at this statement more of a reassurance to our faith. What do I mean by that?
If we are to ask the same question, do some church people set conditions before they engage themselves into the mission of the church. Do we say, “God, I will serve in the parish choir if you promise a successful career for me and my children.”
I do not think that Jesus questioned the faithfulness of His disciples.  This passage reaffirms the love Jesus shared with them throughout their shared public ministry. It is also an assurance that LOVE will continue to keep them together in the next phase of their faith journey.
Some of us may have asked why we keep on coming to our parish church. Why do we need to express our faith in God through common worship? I think we have to express our love to God and our love to one another through constant witnessing of God’s love and proclaiming His word and Sacrament.
We are a people of the resurrection. We are a people called out by God to proclaim His Kingdom and to love one another. It is our love for Jesus Christ that will keep His commandments in our hearts.
But it does not stop there. When we make our way to the altar and receive holy communion, we re-commit ourselves to build-up the kingdom of God. Then, ultimately out of the doors of the church where the real work begins. We are all called to be witnesses to the God we know – and our lives, our beings, our very essence should always reflect that. What is God calling us to proclaim in words and action? How can we be a channel of God’s love for all people?

Rector’s Corner: I continue to ask your prayers for our church family and friends, especially for our brother Hermon Pereira.

I also ask your prayers for Bishop Melissa Skelton, Tony Picher and all delegates to the Diocesan Synod this coming weekend.

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