Sunday Reflection

“What has been a high point for you in parish ministry?”: Welcome to our 2017 Annual Vestry Meeting! (a.k.a. Annual General Meeting) Parish Ministry can be exciting and at the same time challenging. Our faith community is constantly changing. We have witnessed some of our parishioners moving for whatever reason. We have also welcomed a few new members of our parish. And, we have not seen some of our people come to any of our church functions in the last little while, who I think, still affiliate themselves with St. Michael’s.

Even the parish immediate neighbourhood is a challenging place to minister and we often do not know who these people are who live within the surrounding area of our parish building. However, we are called to lead people in these changing times. As well, too often we find ourselves without cherished companions who can help us minister to people in our community.

Perhaps we know as on that mountaintop experience along with Peter, James and John, and Moses and Elijah, and Jesus, that church ministry is the work of the people of God, you and I.

But Ministry can be rewarding. When you are able to assist a person regain confidence in his/her faith and be involved again in the life of the church, we are pulled up and restored in the image and likeness of God. We find ourselves back up on the mountaintop where once again we are privileged to witness Jesus transfigured before our own eyes “and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became dazzling white.” (Matthew 17:2)

Now, I invite you to reflect why you are here and why we do what we do in this parish. I pray that you will be moved by the Holy Spirit and go back to places where God has given you responsibility and be in communion with God’s beloved people in times and places where God’s mission will be carry out through you and me.

Every time we gather as chosen people of God, particularly on Sunday, it is our mountain top experience. However, it should not end inside this church, it should continue to touch other people’s lives and renew our commitment to be disciples of Jesus Christ. What has been a high point for you in your faith journey that sustained you in this parish community? Through Baptism, you are called to lead and/or be a witness to others in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Fr. Louie.

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