Sunday Reflection & Rector’s Corner

Sunday Reflection: (Br. John Braught, SSJE) Today in our gospel lesson is a dramatic call to follow Jesus. Jesus extends his irresistible invitation: “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.” Andrew, along with his brother Peter, as well as James and John, immediately respond with radical obedience. Immediately, the gospel writer emphasizes, these first-called disciples drop everything – their livelihood, homes, families, ambitions, hopes, and expectations – everything is cast aside in order to follow Jesus.

Yes, it’s safe to assume that being human, like the rest of us, the first disciples had questions, doubts, insecurities, and reservations in the face of Jesus’ call. It’s safe to assume the first disciples struggled with letting go. And it didn’t stop after their initial call, it continued for their lifetime.

And the same for us, a lot of us struggle with letting go. Yet, it’s probably incorrect to say we struggle to let go. We struggle, rather, when we refuse to let go. When we cling, when we grasp, when we work and try harder, to do better and to be good, then we struggle. But letting go is about trust, radical trust. Letting go is about trusting Jesus. Trusting that whatever Jesus calls us to is far better than anything we are being asked to leave behind. We are never asked to let go of anything we wouldn’t be infinitely better off without.

Rector’s Corner: At the recent Church Council meeting, I invited members of the leadership body to reflect and join me in re-shaping our faith community towards a more missional focus in our ministry for this year.

Following a brief reflection, we left the meeting with the hope of growing and supporting our Sunday School for children. It means our participation and asking from members of our congregation to volunteer as a teacher and/or inviting children to this program. We are also united in terms of re-starting our youth program. Our next reflection focused on supporting the current adult members of our congregation to a midweek activity. And finally, how we, as a church family, can connect to our immediate neighbourhood.

These are just some of our collective reflections that I would like to share with you. Perhaps, you could take some time and also reflect on these ministries for our parish congregation. What could be your interest among these ministries? How much of your time and talent would you offer and actively participate to grow our church membership? Fr. Louie

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