Sunday Reflection

A part of our Anglican liturgical practice is to celebrate and honour the Saints.  We come together in our worship service to honour our patron saint, Saint Michael and all Angels.  Angels are messengers of God.  The message was, and is and will always be that God is love.  Only through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour, can only salvation be realized.

When we were baptized, this obligation was passed on to you and now is being shared by all of us.  I have been advocating that our congregation will grow and develop through our collective work.  If indeed that we want to see more children and youth members in our parish, then we should consider getting involved in anyway to grow this ministry.

We are all God’s messengers.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  Just like St. Michael and all Angels, we are called to this holy estate and respond by bringing someone to Jesus Christ.


The Bishop has invited parishes to observe today as Vocations Sunday.  The hope is that the special focus of the liturgy will help us to reflect on how God calls some people to ordained leadership in the church.  God’s call is often vocalized by us when we identify particular gifts in those around us.  It is an opportunity to be intentional about recognizing, pointing our this ‘giftedness’ in others and encouraging them to see the gift in themselves.
A diocesan vocations day will be held on Saturday, October 22 from 9:30-2:30 at the Synod Office.  Is there someone you know who should consider ordained ministry in the church?  Encourage them to attend.  This would be a great opportunity for them to ask questions and get more information.  Contact Fr. Louie for further information.

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