Sunday Reflection

Society seems to be particularly capable at forming groupings, divisions, and delineations.  The social conditioning and choices we make, including bias, stereotyping, and racism amplify our consciousness which creates barriers that allow us to classify, for example, good and evil deeds.  We experience the world, and even relationships, through these filters.  The violence in Orlando kindled another outcry of disappointment which is contrary to the message of the Gospel.

The epistle to the Galatians explains that Christ turns all of the upside down.  Spirituality is not about separation, division, and apartness.  But Christ encourages a different kind of spirituality, holiness through Christ, in whom divisions do not exist.  Jesus Christ encourages us to break down these divisions, to see each other as siblings, to accept our mutual inheritance of the promise of God.  What practices have helped you to overcome bias, delineations, or racism?

The person who is possessed by demons was completely detached by his community.  But Jesus spoke, healed, and accepted him.  After he is healed, as Jesus is leaving, we see the man begging to go with Jesus.  Yet Jesus has a different vision for him.  The man instead is sent out into his community to witness the wonderful works of God in Christ.  This person, an ultimate outsider, voiceless victim, unclean among the unclean, is chosen by Christ to bear his message.  It is through no virtue or strength of the man, but through his brokenness that he is called.  In what ways has God called you to bear his message in spite of your brokenness?

In what ways is our church community living into the division-less identity in Christ? Where there is room to grow?

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