Sunday Reflection

“The Recognition of the risen Christ”

Jesus said, “Come and have breakfast.” John 21: 12. The gospel passage continues to speak to us about the gathering of God’s people. Sunday morning, as most of you are aware, is the gathering of God’s people. It is a gathering focused on the proclamation of the word and partaking of the sacrament of Christ. And in our Anglican Christian tradition, this is the center of our Christian Worship. We are nourished with God’s word and sacrament.

The recognition of Christ by his disciples gives us a deeper reality of the mission that needs to continue by all of us. For me, the recognition of the resurrection of Christ is our transformation for a much more faithful, effective and healthy congregation to make Christ known to all people.

When we recognize the risen Christ, we do not just re-affirm our faith to an event that had happened in the past. It also means that we are engaged in the work of making Christ known to our families, friends and neighbours. It is all about bringing people to Christ, guiding people to be part of our church community and about feeding the flock entrusted to us by Christ.

This recognition of Christ refers to a long range effort to improve our parish-congregation in solving problems and its ability to cope with changes both in its internal and external environment.

The disciples had difficulty accepting changes brought about by the resurrection. However, the benefits of the resurrection are far greater. We can now claim that we have been saved through grace and can enjoy the fruits of salvation.

May all of us who come to Christ’s meal today be filled with strength and love to accept changes in our congregational life and to live-out our baptismal vows.  Fr. Louie

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