Sunday Reflection

Throughout Lent this year Fr. Louie has been submitting to you ‘A Lenten Journey Reflection’ which can be found at
As I read through it, these three questions come up on one of the pages.

  • What did you hear Jesus offering?
  • What kind of resistance to Jesus did you hear?
  • What will you have to risk or renounce in order to accept what Jesus is offering?

These are some very good questions to ask as you read your daily office and as you go along, some other questions may arise.  One beauty of Scripture is that it is provoking, prodding and poking you to listen more deeply, ponder reflectively and respond with an action of loving kindness in your lives.
You may want to re-read our Gospel reading today at home later on while you reflect on the parable, the sermon and these questions.
If Jesus is offering us a second chance, like he gave his son, then let’s take it, and use that to start now offering one of our own a second chance.
When we hear skeptics or grumblers; those that won’t appreciate Jesus’ word and lessons, then let’s shout our with joy that we are the living examples of His Way. And be glad.And as we go along throughout our day and Jesus sends us a fork in the road to divert our usual path for a moment that we may offer up from ourselves some loving kindness, then let’s do it.  If we are looked at, or scoffed at then maybe, just maybe we have made a difference in at least a few lives that day; one felt some love and the other saw how it is done.

Krista Fry, Parish Intern

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