Sunday Reflection

Psalm 27: Glorious is the Lord who is the rock of our salvation and our stronghold in times of distress.  The psalmist seems to be deeply troubled in his reflection and plea for God’s mercy is Psalm  27.  Troubled by the threat of armies, enemies and false witnesses God is the common denominator who can provide an escape route in the face of suffering, harm and persecution.  If there is one psalm that accentuates what it means to the beneficiary of God’s grace on earth, Psalm 27 is it.

  • As we celebrate the joy of being members of the kingdom of God, how do we describe the common denominator in our spiritual life (God)?
  • Conversely, reflecting on our lives, how do you think God would describe us?

Luke 13:31-35: George Webb in his hymn Stand up Stand up for Jesus was persuasive when he wrote, “from victory unto victory his army shall he lead, till every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed”.  In our reading today, Jesus Christ faces familiar foes in the Pharisees.  Even though Jesus is performing miracles for the benefit of the community, the religious elite want no part of it or him.  In response Christ is resilient, defiant and brave as he insists that God’s work is paramount to any request or law from the Herod or Pharisees.  Jesus’ stance is a reminder that in following him we are called to stand up for justice, love and the welfare of our surrounding communities.  This may mean forsaking loved ones/friends, defying societal norms or doing the unpopular.  It also means spirit-filled joy, countless blessings and an abundancy of grace.

  • In what ways do you see yourself following Jesus and standing up for Jesus?
  • How do you stand up for justice and love?
  • When is it difficult to do that?  When might it be easy?
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