Reflections on Epiphany Sunday

Karoline Lewis wrote, “We tend to expect that Epiphany is about the revelation of Jesus.  About finding Jesus, witnessing Jesus in various epiphany moments.  It’s not supposed to be about being found ourselves.  Finding Jesus in those transfigured moments, is also when you find yourself – who you are, who you are called to be.  When you realize your identity as a follower, a disciple, and get a glimpse, perhaps a new glimpse – and here is the epiphany – of something you have not seen before when it comes to your own faith story, your own discipleship, your own concept of what it means to believe.
God entered into our world, no longer satisfied just to be with us but now has to be one of us.  I think when that happens, we change too.  Our humanity changes.  Suddenly, who we see ourselves to be can be no longer remain the same because we have seen God in who we are.  That just has to change the perception of ourselves.
That’s relationship.  Epiphany cannot be all one sided. It can’t just be “oh look, Jesus, cool.  Wow!”  You then have to ask, so what?  Not only for the sake of your theological and Christological commitments but also for the sake of who you are as one who answers the call, “follow me.”
Epiphany is a short season.  Not much time to reflect what you want to find out about yourself and what you don’t.  Expect to discover many things about Jesus.  But in the process, anticipate learning something about yourself.
This Epiphany season, see Jesus.  See God.  But also, see yourself.

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