Rector’s Corner

Rector’s Corner: Andrew Kort wrote, “When I was a solo pastor I learned to understand the “solo” aspect of that title. There were many times I was literally solo or alone—in the office, in ministry, and in worship or strategic planning. As someone with introverted leanings, I was often just fine with that solitude.
However, I quickly realized, and I still continue to realize, that no one in ministry is a lone ranger. We all need others in life, yes, but in ministry too. After all, didn’t God create saying that it was not good for Adam to be alone? Didn’t Jesus send the disciples out two by two?”

The 1st Annual Parish Mission Conference held last week was meant to stimulate our minds as Disciples of Christ. We also wanted to reclaim the faithful vocation we are called into. It was an opportunity for a congregational dialogue towards a shared vision for mission and ministry. It would have been better to have your thoughts noted by the leadership team.
Shared ministry is a gift from God. Every faith community is given an opportunity to respond to God’s calling. As the psalmist says, it is good and pleasant when brothers and sisters come together in unity. We pray that St. Michael would continue to work towards community building. May each and every one of us be inspired by virtues like uprightness and justice. Working in ministry is wonderful, but also challenging.

  • How do you identify the gifts and skills of another?
  • How do you encourage others to make space for the gifts you have? What are those gifts?
  • Today, what is your prayer for St. Michael’s?
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