Sunday Reflection

Luke is mentioned three times in the Letters of Saint Paul, once as “the beloved physician,” but the Church remembers him chiefly as the author of two books which came to be included in the New Testament.
The first book is the one we know as the Gospel according to Luke, where he told the story of Jesus, his preaching and mighty work in the border-country of Galilee, his suffering, death and resurrection at the very heart of Israel, in Jerusalem itself.  The second of Luke’s two books is the Acts of the Apostles.  In this work he told how the good news was spread: how the apostles began their preaching at Jerusalem and moved westwards with the gospel until they reached the very centre of the Roman Empire, the city of Rome itself.  Thus, in these two books, Luke presented a comprehensive history of the gospel in terms of a journey from the hinterland of Judea to the heartland of imperial power and civilization.
We offer thanks to God for bestowing such gifts of understanding and literary skill on Luke, and we celebrate Luke himself because he responded so faithfully to the working of grace.  But still, we remember the story-teller for the story that he told; and that story is the Lord’s story.  So, on this his day, we can honour Saint Luke no more highly than by joining in the telling of the story, which God gave him power to give us; that story which is the praise of God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

(For All the Saints, Anglican Church of Canada)

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