Celebration of the First Anglican Eucharist in Canada


This Sunday service was dedicated to commemorating the first Anglican Eucharist in Canada of 1578. The planning team worked to develop a BCP service paying special attention to the beautiful traditional language and music of that period. Some details to the service included changing the layout of the nave itself, having homemade bread for the communion, and hearing historical pieces of information. The prelude included lovely period dulcimer music that really set the scene for the service.


The pews were moved to encircle the altar which was centered in the church; the focus was most certainly on the altar where Fr. Louie led the congregation in Word, Song, and Worship. One of our fine bakers and his wife researched an ancient grain recipe for the communion wafers that were accompanied by red grape juice. And members of the team included interesting tid bits about life back in the day. The youth commented on life during that time in England for families rich and poor and the children had a fun learning experience looking at books with pictures of working children, ships and icebergs, and the fashion of 1578.


We even had some pieces of ‘fool’s gold’ to pass around showing how real gold could be mistaken for the fool’s gold that was dug up and brought back by the tones to England by Martin Frobisher. A priest was always part of the ship’s crew and Fr. Robert Wolfall was the priest chosen for this voyage. He would be the first to celebrate Mass on Canadian soil. Wolfall decided to take part in Frobisher’s arduous expedition because he desired to sustain the faith of his comrades and if the oppourtunity arose, to preach the gospel among the native peoples.

Article by Krista Fry and Natasha Kaweski

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