2nd Annual Tr-Parish Service and Picnic in the Park

group picture

On Sunday, June 14th, the parishes of St. Helen’s, St. Michael’s, and Church of the Epiphany got together and held their second annual Tri-Parish Service and Picnic in the Park at Bear Creek Park, Surrey. This picnic was well attended by all three parishes with over 275 people present!

Parishioners from all three churches, led by the R.M.I.T. (Regional Map Implementation Team) group, came in unison to help out with the set-up of the entire event including the sound system, food, Sunday School, Youth activity and clean up. All in all, the second annual Tri-Parish Service and Picnic was a huge success!

ministers and servers

Highlights included Bishop Melissa Skelton leading the service, music by talented musicians and singers from all 3 parishes, a magic show for the children put on by Alan and Lera-lan Thomson of St. Michael’s, a gathering of the youth from the region to get to know each other and plan for a combined social event and the second reading being read first in English and then in Chaldean, the language spoken by Jesus and his followers.   The afternoon finished with members of St. Mary the Virgin Chaldean Church entertaining everyone with their dancing – even Bishop Melissa joined in!

A big thank you to Bishop Melissa Skelton for leading the service, Ven. Stephen Rowe from Church of the Epiphany, Rev’d Stephen Laskey of St. Helen’s, and Rev’d Louie Engnan of St. Michael’s for helping lead the service, as well as all the other parishioners who helped out with various parts of the service.

musicans and singers

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