Reflection for Sunday May 10, 2015

Christ’s Love to His Disciples~by Matthew Henry

When we speak about the love of Christ to the disciples, the pattern is rooted in the Father’s Love to Jesus himself.  “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you: abide in my love“.  The Father loved him as his Son, and Jesus loves the disciples as his own.  This relationship of the father and the Son was exemplified by the risen Lord when he offered himself for our redemption.  Christ fulfilled the role as mediator between God and all of creation.
The Father loved him as Mediator, as head of the church, and the great trustee of divine grace and favour, which he had not for himself only, but for the benefit of those for whom he was entrusted; and, says he, “I have been a faithful trustee.  As the Father has committed his love to me, so I transmit it to you.”  Therefore the Father was well pleased with him, that he might be well pleased with us in him; and loved him, that in him, as beloved he might make us accepted.
Our commonality through baptism drives our intention to live as a faith community, wanting to focus our congregation on vitality needs the complete participation of each and every parishioner to serve the glorification of God’s name.  It is in the same spirit working in us to that we should observe the same pattern of the Father’s love to Jesus Christ, our only Master and Lord.

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